5 Story Building

An interactive narrative experience for digital tablets.


A mischievous monster, an inexperienced sidekick, ten shallow girls, a retired folk story villain, an apathetic robot, and a megalomaniac from outer space live under one roof in the “5 Story Building”. Five simultaneous stories tell the lives of the singular occupants of this confining building. These neighbors carry on with their own ambitions and inherited craziness without realizing that their stories are intertwined in this episodic interactive fiction.

lookbook submission

Jean Paul Sartre and “Sleep-No-More” inspire this experience for digital tablets that explores the nuances and opportunities enabled by the introduction of interactivity in storytelling. “5 Story Building” is intentionally crafted to show off things that traditional media cannot.

Multiple readings are necessary and voyeurism is encouraged.

Meet the characters.

Read the characters’ bios (PDF).


Five simultaneous stories.

Or maybe just one?

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 7.17.27 PM


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